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Hi, I’m John.

I’m an American software engineer based in Cologne, Germany.

Skills & Experience

I'm proficient with:

I currently work at DeepL, in Cologne, Germany. More to come about this position soon.

Before I worked for DeepL, I worked as a software engineer at Prime Trust, a fintech company building out the future of financial infrastructure, defined by digital assets. Some highlights of my time working at Prime Truse are:

Before I worked for Prime Trust, I worked as a software engineer for Re:amaze by GoDaddy. At Re:amaze by GoDaddy, I've:

Before I worked at Re:amaze by GoDaddy, I built Maestro, an open-source easy-to-use framework for quickly bootstrapping and iterating upon serverless orchestration workflows with AWS Lambdas and AWS Step Functions.

If you want to know more about my experiences, see my resume at the bottom of this web page.


Logo of the Maestro framework

The rise of serverless architectures and FaaS offerings such as AWS Lambda has revolutionized how companies are developing modern apps. The need for an orchestration layer over these architectures has brought about services such as AWS Step Functions. However, deploying apps that use Step Functions can be tedious and error-prone. Maestro prioritizes speed and developer productivity by automating this process so that the developer’s focus stays on developing their application's business logic.

Maestro is an open-source easy-to-use framework for quickly bootstrapping, deploying, and rapidly iterating serverless orchestration (hence the name) workflows and applications using Node.js® and AWS Step Functions.

Maestro makes it easy to get started developing serverless orchestration workflows. Plus, deploying is a breeze with Maestro. Since Maestro also offers frictionless teardown, re-deploying is as simple as tearing down and deploying again. Using Maestro aids development not only in the initial phase of a project but throughout maintaining and iterating on a project.

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